Tweets of a Toxic mind for 2011-01-23

  • How long before that clock ticks over from £900 billion to £1,000 billion – – ie a trillion quid of debt. #
  • Darren Bent, he's another one who should be sponsored by #
  • @Spooky23 He only wants to join a team with plenty of Spanish speakers apparently. #
  • @rutty_uk I had to really cut down and install a cache plugin, was taking down the whole server :( #
  • Episodes, dragging out for 3.5 hours what Family Guy did far better & funnier in 20 minutes. #
  • If Darren Bent goes for £24 million that'll take his total transfer price to about £62 million in 5.5 years… #
  • Only Drog & Rooney scored more than Bent but Drog has 36 assists Roo has 45. Bent has 14, does bugger all for the team and misses sitters. #
  • @rutty_uk True, spamming bastards. #
  • 2,501 Tags, don't think that's near enough. #
  • Glenn Johnson why? Why not go for Bosingwa if Chelski want rid and if they want Krancjar in part-ex. #
  • 'Arry might have got the best out of Glen Johnson but he's shown on nearly every England outing he can't link with Lennon. #
  • I see all the big clubs are fighting amongst themselves again this transfer window to sign Jenas . #
  • @spursblogger Yup, all the reasons not to go for Johnson are mounting up while the pro column is a bit empty. #
  • Scum v Leeds last night, christ Bendtner would struggle in the Championship. #
  • Always liked Ernie Ball/MusicMan guitars that's why Toxic Blue 2 looks the way it does – – and this new GameChanger… #
  • …looks the mutt's but 250,000 pickup combinations, might be a bit on the high side – #
  • I am a victim of the science age…a child of the storm. Whoa, yes. #
  • Sounds like I made the right choice, not tune in for the 10 o'clock show and instead watch the two Sykes episodes from earlier in the week. #
  • But then I find it very easy not to tune into something with that vacuous bint Lauren Laverne in it. #
  • No Palacios, oh christ come on 'Arry learn by all the previous mistakes of playing Jenas. #
  • Good job Labour is so packed with talent that Miliband didn't have to go with a leading architect of the shit we're in as Shad Chancellor #
  • @RedAntiques @spursshow Yup he's far better at hiding, poncing out of it, reducing us to 10 and dragging others down to his level. #
  • @RedAntiques I hate him so much that I hate games in which he's involved, I can't even joke about it :( #
  • @RedAntiques All I'll say is last season he didn't feature by far as much as previous and we didn't fail to get into top 4 as previously ;) #
  • WordPress plugins reduced by 20. Did I have too many? #
  • It's another Jenas is playing type game #COYS #THFC #
  • You play Jenas you get this type of performance, he infects the whole side. #COYS #THFC #
  • Can you hear the Geordies sing? #
  • Shouldn't be scraping a draw with that mob #
  • @yawnerddn There are many of us who have the man crush on Modric you mean you saw Jenas, obviously wasn't hiding well enough. #
  • @yawnerddn He was hiding so well to begin with that the booing took some time to come. #

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