Tweets of a Toxic mind for 2011-01-16

  • @osc_pro Maybes aye, maybes naw #
  • @osc_pro @thefunkhouse and sign all those players that make up the crap squad, oh and take Torres off when you were one down oh and… ;) #
  • @osc_pro @thefunkhouse :D Won the CL with Houlilier's players and sold 'em on for Lucas & Bable & Ngog :D #
  • @osc_pro @thefunkhouse :D More fluky bugger who was found out after getting away with it because focus on Yanks #
  • @thefunkhouse @osc_pro Dalglish last great Jock player but only good manager when things easy, inherited champions and lots of £££ #
  • @Yids Did he vote for Gerrard or Carragher? #
  • Ah the joys of the Home internationals and getting unexpectedly caught in the middle of the violence that ended it all in '89. #
  • Two nil and even third division Bully scored – #
  • "We don’t have a stronger friend and stronger ally than Nicolas Sarkozy, and the French people" surely can't have a better reason to pull… #
  • …the troops out of the US wars than that. #
  • The Analog Alien Fuzz Bubble 45 looks/sounds sweet – #
  • Yngwie J Papsmear's new signature Marshall has some nice additions, every amp should have an attenuator, I want a 0.05 watt Marshall :D #
  • “If they bring a knife to a fight, we bring a gun” – B. Obama – was Barry packing in AZ today? #
  • Now is this newly arrived Xmas card the first of the year or the last or last year? #
  • Oh great Jenas has been gobbing off before big game. Usual routine before a usual gutless disappearing act from him. #
  • @RealDanArundel Sky Sports have trouble with stray dogs outside the studio and his high pitched whine scares them off. #
  • 'Arry going with a full side of 11, no Jenas. #
  • Ryan Giggs should be sponsored by #

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