Tweets of a Toxic mind for 2011-01-09

  • Coldest day of the year. #
  • Good start to the year db backup plugin doesn't work, db too big, and site's overloading the server so buggering everything up. What joy. #
  • One Dutchman in the squad works, more than one Dutchman in the squad and you're asking for trouble. #COYS #THFC #
  • @samhs…..hp?t=68772 sure he means Royston Drenthe #
  • Bert #Blyleven should get in the Hall Of Fame for the t-shirt alone – #
  • 'Arry figuring we're better with 10 men of late so Jenas starts #COYS #THFC #
  • Playing like Jenas is in the side…oh… #
  • Forget Woy and Pugwash, Liverpool's fall started when Sammy Lee came back #
  • Ever since he was at Rangers I can't get out of my mind when hearing his name – Lovenkrands and Guildenstern are Dead. #
  • Said it before and I'll say it again.. damn you Wolfgang Van Halen… #
  • Two Brazil nuts and my bloody ear is buzzing and itchy #
  • Have to say I won't miss Collingwood, his inane post match interviews or his keeping his place cause he's cosied up to various captains. #
  • Pigtronix Tremvelope looks and sounds cool #
  • Never seen frozen sea water before. #
  • @yawnerddn :( there'd only be Judas out of your lot that wouldn't leave him for dead. #
  • @yawnerddn That's cause I missed out the n't in the first tweet, so only player slower Judas C*ntbell #
  • @rutty_uk Pisser about Phil Kennemore Y&T rock #
  • @yawnerddn He's always there on standby. #
  • @yawnerddn I see red cards in that back line, Taylor won't get away with the feigning pain after handballing again. #
  • @yawnerddn Tiote deserved that ;P #
  • @yawnerddn He shouldn't have been on the park by then anyway. #
  • @yawnerddn Would I? #
  • Won't be saying bad things about insurance for some time #COYS #THFC #
  • Dalglish succeeded after inheriting the title winning squad and with money, what chance with Benitez's bums? #
  • @yawnerddn Or in the 2 horse race in Jockland #
  • Oh not this screeching bint commentating. #
  • I didn't know the religious periodical was still playing – Christian Daily #
  • Dalglish out!! #
  • 2 commentators should be banned on radio, spend far too much time chit-chatting and telling you nowt about the game. #
  • @JacquiOatley so bad you'd almost prefer Alan Green to be on. #
  • Why do radio commentators commentate as if the listener can see the game? #
  • How many do the BBC have at the game, two to commentate one to summarise? #
  • Could take Modric off now and protect him, done his job. #COYS #THFC #
  • If Dalglish is happy with the performance as Beglin thinks then expect relegation fight and mid table mediocrity at best #
  • Sam Allardyce on ITV talking about football. Something he knows nothing about. So he fits in well on ITV. #
  • Come on Kenny say "maybes aye, maybes naw" #
  • Dalglish shows he's still in touch with the modern game by spouting standard manager bullshit. #

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