Tweets of a Toxic mind for 2010-12-26

  • A team that won everything last season now needs 4 to 5 new players, all because of who is in charge now, stick to waiting tables, Pugwash. #
  • "Lawyers cry foul over leak of Julian Assange sex-case papers" – you couldn't make it up but dictionary has new entry under "irony". #
  • I'm pretty sure Fabio Capello would be very happy to take the #Inter job. #
  • Of course this could be Big Sam's best chance at getting a big job. No I haven't tweeted this with a straight face. #
  • @osc_pro That's why you're in the position you're in. Blinded to Pugwash's crapness by the campaign against the Yanks. #
  • "Sir" Beckham, do me a fucking favour. #
  • I'm a street walking cheetah with a heart full of napalm… #
  • Catalinbread gives me GAS #
  • @rutty_uk Do you have to do a full export/import, I found just exporting the posts and starting from scratch was easier and clean. #
  • @JimBobOH Bonzo and Moon the Loon #predictable #
  • It's a pisser when an artist has to die before you remember how good there stuff was – Safe as Milk #
  • @JimBobOH would suggest Van Halen with 7,376 plays so them and Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac. #
  • @JimBobOH VHI still best album ever, with Eddie's brown sound at it's peak. #
  • Minus 8 degrees what a perfect time to cut off the gas. #
  • @JimBobOH Very true #
  • My dad was due to drive past Lockerbie 22 years ago today but came home early, one of his better near misses. #
  • James Corden autobiography, is that just going to be a diary of food eaten? #
  • All those people who didn't believe when you told them the LimpDums just weren't fit to govern. #
  • When you scheduled the gas pipe maintenance for the coldest period we've had in decades was it because you believe the Met's "mild winter"? #
  • I'm pretty sure Miranda Hart is Nicholas Cage in drag. #
  • @rutty_uk If you haven't already finished might be easier to setup WP on your PC then export posts through WP inbuilt export. #
  • If you don't come for this parcel you dim bint, it ain't going to be under the tree come Saturday, unless I drop kick it over the fence. #
  • Carragher probably did speak to Diouf, just the whine was so high pitched he couldn't hear him but his dog would have. #
  • Wonder how many Labour politicians when secretly taped would admit Ed Balls is an odious smug bastard, they couldn't stand. #
  • @JamesDelingpole re: Goldsmith's backing, I did notice the link to a leak about her and brother's super injunction didn't work on WikiLeaks #
  • @Spooky23 It's got to be the work of Everton fans, surely. #
  • @Spooky23 LOL, just a tad. #
  • @rutty_uk But to be fair that's just applies to every day ending in a Y for the Rutty. #
  • I don't believe I've actually said it so far this year, so here goes "bah humbug!" #
  • I think there's just enough time to print off a few Tesco Value Cards… #
  • @rutty_uk I miss rolleyes :( #
  • Tommy Sheridan, how could anyone trust a bloke with a combforward & perma-tan who had to add his name to his madey-up political party. #
  • I fucking despise The Railway Children. #

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