The home run king…

…reached a landmark at the weekend.

The youngest to reach 500 home runs is a pretty damn good show by Alex Rodriguez, only the second player to do it before their 33rd birthday and 330 days earlier than the other guy, Jimmie Foxx.

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Now he just has to stay fit and healthy, happy in the game, keep up is HR average (162 game average of 44) and hopefully in pinstripes for another few years to get the top spot on the home run hitter table.

Overtake the Babe, Hammer Hank and to do so without an asterisk next to his name, no matter what Jose has to say. I know I’m biased but a look at the post 500 press conference, he doesn’t have the ‘roid zits or neck.

But when he does reach that landmark will it mean anything if he doesn’t have a ring on his finger?

Oh yeah some other player hit some landmark homer on the same day but we know what most think of that “record” even those that stood and cheered :roll:

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