Bo knows…

…Rock and or Roll.

Nah not that Bo, he don’t know diddley (still can’t forgive him for that home run) but the real Bo the one that knows diddley cause he is Diddley.

Sad news that music legend and Rock ‘n’ Roll pioneer Bo Diddley is in intensive care following a stroke.

Get well soon “The Orginator”.

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  1. I thought he was dead already, actually… Best of, Bo – Buddy’s tribute, while earnest, just wasn’t quite the same – and as for the Stones’ imitations, pah…

  2. Not a Stones fan then?

  3. Don’t mind ’em, but can’t feel too excited either – enjoy most their pop-rock stuff of the mid-sixties, rather than earlier or any later. Oh, and of course their country-rock experiments, though primarily for the Gram Parsons influence and versions…

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