Steel Guitar Heart Attack…

…disc has been spinning non-stop since yesterday.

Jon Rauhouse - Steel Guitar Heart Attack

Well, not strictly true as after the first listen to the disc I transfered it to a HD, that aside the album has been playing over and over from the moment it arrived in the post.

Why? Well that’s simple it’s damn good stuff, yeah I know I’m slightly biased but following on from “Air Show” & “Rodeo” of the Steel Guitar variety “Heart Attack” is another masterpiece from Jon Rauhouse.

Of course it’s not just steel guitar, there’s Hawaiin guitar, banjo, normal guitars as well as drums from the man himself, along with all the guitar work from Tommy Connell and everything from…well the usual suspects on a Rauhouse record, the guys from Calexico Joey Burns & John Convertino, Jacob Valenzuela, Will Lovell, Bill Herzog etc.

Included in that are the great female vocalists you associate with Jon, Sally Timms, Neko Case & Kelly Hogan with the addition this time round of Visqueen’s Rachel Flotard. Some male vocalists did come as a shock mind, didn’t expect to see Mr. Don (Windham) down as part of the “Idaho Choir” :grin:

Through the mix of great standards such as “I’ll Be Seeing You“, “Begin The Beguine” & “Big Iron” to classic TV tunes, Lalo Schifrin’s “Mannix” theme and the Andy Griffith Show “The Fishin’ Pole” to Jon’s own compositions – my fav is still “the Ballad Of The Black Chihuahua” (MP3 download – right click and save) it’s another cracking album from Orchid Fingers, that thanks to those doctors and medical intitutes it’s dedicated to we get to hear.

Out on March 13th, pre-order your copy now.

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