I'm sure I heard a cheer…

…through the footballing nation last night.

When it was announced Robbie Savage had broken his leg.

He’s just going to have to face it that other than Blackburn or Wales fans it probably brought at least a smile to everyone who follows football, probably around the world.

Has to be said he was near if not the top of the list of players I’d like to see come out the wrong end of a crunching tackle, hoisted and petard are words that spring to mind.

There are some you’d just like to see go into a Denis Irwin & Brian McClair v David Busst challenge and end up being poor old Busst – you don’t want to see the picture if you’re at all squeamish, Busst certainly wasn’t one though and I wouldn’t want to see Schmeichel chucking up afterwards.

So yes Savage was up there, along with Jens Lehmann, Paul Dickov, Michael Brown…I’m sure I should be able to think of more all scummy individuals of no great loss to the game.

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  1. Jens isn’t scummy.. he’s just absolutely batshit mad. :)

  2. Totally out of his tree but all the falling over, sly elbows & kicks, getting involved with every arguement, trying to get others booked or sent off – it’s scummy behaviour.

  3. Yah, I know. I fully agree with you but since I have to claim him, I try to blame it all on mental illness.

  4. Bit harsh on Browny. Well, our hard-working if limited version, anyway.
    Not quite sure why he’s turned into such a thug since leaving Spurs.

    Oh, and don’t forget the big bad, mad, sad Judas…

  5. I feel for ya Flash ;)
    He was scummy at United before but even worse now.

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