The choice is simple Dutch or Irish or…

…mullet :shock:

The bizzare news that the Independent is claiming former Spurs boss is a dark horse for the England job :shock:

A few outlets had news of him joining the backroom staff in some position but the Indie think he could get the main job.

According to the…man himself

If the Football Association would like to speak with me regarding the international set-up I’d be delighted to help in any way I can. Gerry Francis

Could it be third time lucky for the former England captain after he was offered the job a couple times before.

Well Willie Hills haven’t taken a single penny on him and bookies aren’t normally wrong.

It could all depend on the interview and how the panel feel about Gerry never make eye contact with them…well beats flying homing rats…

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  1. Old Frank Skinner joke – apparently the FA offered Gerry the job, but he just shook his head…

    Boom, and indeed, boom…

    Bizarre story, innit… Surely he’s happy with his curious antique-dealing (no, I don’t mean spending millions of pounds on the baffling likes of Ruel Fox, John Scales and Ramon Vega…)

  2. The thing is I’d prefer him to Allardyce, Curbishley & McClaren

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