Toxic Web

Well this site here is the hub for the Toxic Web empire, featuring what you can see here, version 4.0, with Portfolio of other Toxic Web sites, Blog powered by (for the ramblings of the owner) and links for downloads, software, fav sites.

For version 4.0 of the site it was decided that WordPress should be used to control the whole site as a CMS, instead of using it just for the blogging section. And that it should move to a three column layout, from two columns, so that more information could be presented, such as latest posts, comments and more.

The site is xhtml strict and again uses css for the layout. From version 4.5 HTML 5 and CSS 3 was introduced.

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  • Features
  • HTML 5 and xhtml 1.1
  • css 3 layout
  • Javascript – scrolling, overlay for viewing images, sidebar widgets and videos and more
  • Contextual advertising handled by Google Adsense
  • php Scripts with MySql databse