The great south Wales smash and…

...grab. Reports coming in tell of a group of Spurs footballers who crossed the border into England late last night after a daring raid in Swansea that saw them grab 3 points after coming under intense attack. this Blog post →

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The bridesmaid’s day in…

...Glasgow. Lizzie Armitstead always seems to come second in the big events, Geraint Thomas while a winner on the track spends his road days slogging his guts out for others. this Blog post →

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Quick fixes for England in the short…

...term. The deep rooted problems with the England national football team can't be fixed overnight but there a number of small things that can be done straight away to make things somewhat better in the near future. this Blog post →

Gatland shouldn’t have called them boys, it made… of them. England's defeat of a Welsh side containing 12 British Lions, taking the Triple Crown and keeping their title hopes alive was another big step in the making of many of Stuart Lancaster's teams. this Blog post →

The BBC revenge mission didn’t quite go… planned. In fact it probably couldn't have gone worse for them. Revenge, for that's what the Newsnight “investigation” they actually showed was. this Blog post →