The Stephen Fry guide to hypocrisy and…

...irony. So the dear old luvvie is in full whinging, setting the world to rights, mode again. But while frothing at the mouth over teh Daily mail's past he doesn't seem to mention that of his beloved B.B.C. this Blog post →

The BBC revenge mission didn’t quite go… planned. In fact it probably couldn't have gone worse for them. Revenge, for that's what the Newsnight “investigation” they actually showed was. this Blog post →

Tweets of a Toxic mind for 2011-01-23

How long before that clock ticks over from £900 billion to £1,000 billion – – ie a trillion quid of debt. # Darren Bent, he's another one who should be sponsored by # @Spooky23 He only wants to join a team with plenty of Spanish speakers apparently. # @rutty_uk I had to really […] this Blog post →

Tweets of a Toxic mind for 2011-01-16

@osc_pro Maybes aye, maybes naw # @osc_pro @thefunkhouse and sign all those players that make up the crap squad, oh and take Torres off when you were one down oh and… # @osc_pro @thefunkhouse Won the CL with Houlilier's players and sold 'em on for Lucas & Bable & Ngog # @osc_pro @thefunkhouse More fluky […] this Blog post →

Tweets of a Toxic mind for 2011-01-09

Coldest day of the year. # Good start to the year db backup plugin doesn't work, db too big, and site's overloading the server so buggering everything up. What joy. # One Dutchman in the squad works, more than one Dutchman in the squad and you're asking for trouble. #COYS #THFC # @samhs…..hp?t=68772 sure […] this Blog post →

Tweets of a Toxic mind for 2010-12-12

css4 should be like lesscss with nested rules, mixins and variables. # @JamesDelingpole How to be funny? # @JamesDelingpole Very, though believe he's on one of those tax funded govt. schemes that keeps him in a reasonable state, BBC or some such. # What kind of retarded company decides to do maintenance on gas pipes […] this Blog post →