Another never mind the quality, feel the…

...points game. Spurs finally got their league season on track with a 2-0 victory away at Wolves but a dire game shouldn't give much hope because it could signal the shape of things to come. this Blog post →

It was only against a bunch of tarts…

... of jam. Yes it was just Hearts and Spurs should stuff the third best side in Jockland but it was a decent start to the season and the Europa Cup. this Blog post →

You can see why ‘Arry is so…

...pessimistic. After seeing the team he put out for the first half of the pre-season match against Athletic Bilbao you can see why 'Arry isn't talking about winning the league any more. this Blog post →

When you talk about winning the title 'Arry… can't lecture about others 'expecting too much'. You're current run of 8 points from 7 games isn't that far off the 2 points 8 games you keep reminding us about 'Arry. this Blog post →

Even when the two strikers actually manage… score, Spurs still can't win. With one eye on Wednesday's Champions League game against Milan, Spurs dropped more league points in the chase for Wednesday games next season. this Blog post →

Couldn't hit a donkey's arse with…

...a banjo. Yet again when a good result would have moved Spurs up to third in the Premier League they're beaten while squandering numerous chances. this Blog post →

Keep riding lady..

...luck. Two games on the trot and she's been ridden hard by Spurs, two games with banana skin written all over them. But Spurs beat Bolton, to go with Blackburn, what's going on? this Blog post →

The luck starts here, well there… Blackburn of all places. Spurs picked up a vital 3 points with an away win at Blackburn with a depleted squad thanks to an early Crouch goal and some Gomes heroics. this Blog post →

Season over then is… British transfer fee records flying here there and everywhere on the final day of the transfer window while Spurs get knock back after knock back and end up chasing Adam and Neville. this Blog post →