The F.A. would be better off with Roland Rat… charge. There'd be as much if not a better chance of England winning the 2022 World Cup than with Greg Dyke if yesterday's showing is anything to go by. Yeah! Rat fans!!! this Blog post →

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Stuart Pearce had to go but it certainly wasn’t…

...all his fault. He did a pretty good job for a tactically limited manager who was extremely restricted by the limited way English football, footballers and top flight managers look down at the Under-21 set up. this Blog post →

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No way Pedro… Del Boy would have said to Fergie. So the two best teams in Europe met in the Champions League final at Wembley and one team was on a completely different level. this Blog post →

Spurs player survives England game…

...shocker. Well as of writing this that is, so far I haven't heard that Michael Dawson is suffering any career threatening injury due to his 67 minute outing as England beat Denmark, last night. this Blog post →