Nine Nick Swishers

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  1. I was really hoping to catch some of his highlights on youtube, since I did not watch the game, but it sucks that the MLB has already taken down pretty much all of them! I don’t get it… why does the MLB have a problem with the video? IT does no harm to leave it on youtube. 🙁

  2. Lawyers, that’s the problem, bunch of lawyers charge huge amounts by the hour for their underlings to scour sites for things like that. And once you get lawyers involved all the fun goes out the window.

    Have changed the video, see how long this will last.

  3. Yeah… it is what it is… I think Youtube offcourse is one of the heavier places that is watched as far as getting videos flagged down etc. Thats why I always try to go to lower on the map as far as popularity streaming video websites 🙂

    Thanks for trying though 🙂

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