Mike's Guitar Site

Hugely successful guitar site since it’s beginning in 1998, this was our first site and started out as a little project, recently it’s been upgraded to version 11. It closed in 2008.

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DVD & CD Guitar Lessons offered by Billboard top rated instructor Scott Morris

The Ultimate Musicians Tool
Play any song, or your favorite song 418% better by slowing the music down. If you can’t hear WHAT is played or HOW it is played, you can’t play it.
Allows you to Change the Pitch, Change the speed, Loop Coninuously, Change the File Type. Song Surgeon can help you play ANY SONG better. It’s 100% guaranteed!

The site contains guitar tabs for blues, rock and metal guitarists / bands, details on various artists gear, audio files (MP3 / OGG Vorbis), downloads, lessons.

Coded in strict xhtml, close on 1000 pages styled and laid out with css the interactive parts, guestbook, forum/message board, newsletter, tell a friend, links section and mail form are all php scripts.

Front, splash, page shown top right, bottom right is a screen shot of an inner page with the three column layout.

URI (opens in new window) – Site closed in 2008

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