Jon Rauhouse

The official website for Jon “Orchid Fingers” Rauhouse the finest steel/Hawaiian guitar player in the business. The site contains details of Jon’s career, including where and how it all started, a complete discography of his guest appearances on other artists albums along with details on his own solo releases – four solo albums to date – latest news and tour dates.

Jon Rauhouse's Steel Guitar Air Site

The site has been updated from strict XHTML to the new standard of html, html 5 and the latest css, css 3. So new styles have been added, such as drop shadows, text shadows, the use of star icons throughout the site via font-face, transparent colours and more.

Picture and video viewing through the site is controlled by JavaScript using overlays, so thumbnails or smaller versions of the pics are clicked to view the full size image or the video. JavaScript was also added to test if the viewable page content is longer than the screen, if so a scroll up button is added to the bottom of the content.

Front, splash, page shown top right, bottom right is a screen shot of an inner page, site menu, header & footer are static on the screen only the main content scrolls.

The site was changed to a WordPress run site, so the site URL are search engine friendly and it is easy to add and amend the content.

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Jon Rauhouse's Guitar Air Site

  • Features
  • html 5 layout
  • Styled with the latest css 3
  • php Scripts with MySql databse
    • WordPress as news blog and CMS
    • browser sniffing – so code can be optimised for the various browsers used by viewers
  • JavaScript – overlay and scrolling
  • Flash – used for sound