AIS – Automated Income Streams

AIS or Automated Income Streams sites are basically information sites that contain various methods of earning money from visitors without much, if any, work from the site owner. Put the site up try and get visitors and hope they click the advertising you run on the site.

The following are a test to see how successful it can be. The twenty sites below offer helpful information on different subjects with links supplied by Google Adsense. All the sites are laid out and style with xhtml 1.1 markup and css.

Personal Care Guide

Personal Care Guide screenshot

The Personal Care Guide runs through various beauty and grooming tips and techniques. Hair, nails, make-up, scent and much more is covered.

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Fitness Online Guide

Fitness Online Guide screenshot

Fitness Online Guide is a collection of health tips and techniques to help you get into shape, all types of training are covered for men and women of all ages.

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eBay Auctions Info

eBay Auctions Info screenshot

How big are auctions online these days ? eBay Auctions Info takes you through various aspects of probably the biggest auction site on the web. From how to run your auction, through all the processes to avoiding scams and fraud all you need to know about eBaying is here.

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Disney Holidays Info

Disney Holidays Info screenshot

Want to meet Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and all their friends then Disneyland is your destination. Disney Holidays Info will help you organize your dream of a vacation, from the initial preparation, through booking, visiting all you need to know to fully enjoy your vacation at Walt’s place.

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Auto Insurance Guide

Auto Insurance Guide screenshot

You may be the best driver in the world but it’s full over millions of other drivers that are ready to crash & damage your prized possession. You need Auto Insurance and this site can help get the right policy from the right company and help you when you have to make a claim on that insurance policy.

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The Diamond Guide

The Diamond Guide screenshot

Diamonds are forever. Thinking of buying diamonds, whether for a gift or as an investment then The Diamond Guide will help you through the process, covering all aspects of diamonds and the diamond business.

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Increase Traffic

Increase Traffic screenshot

What’s the point of having a web site up there if no one visits ? Sites need traffic and Increase Traffic is there to help you achieve this. Various methods are covered to help to get more people looking at your site, including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), using paid for clicks with Overture & Yahoo and how to increase traffic for free.

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Home Repair Guide

Home Repair Guide screenshot

Got the DIY bug ? Home Repair Guide will help you achieve professional results, from simple tasks such as choosing hinges to full on repair jobs it’s covered here, including run downs on tools you’ll need.

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Indoor Air Pollution

Indoor Air Pollution screenshot

You want to be safe in your own home or workplace. Indoor Air Pollution gives you a run down on the risks about and how to prevent them. From asthma to asbestos, ways of prevention are here.

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Skiing Vacations Info

Skiing Vacations Info screenshot

Want to hit the white powder on the slopes ? Skiing Vacations Info will help you get that dream ski vacation. Covering simple things like learning to ski to where to go to in the world to test out your new skills.

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Weather Online Info

Weather Online Info screenshot

We can all talk about the weather. Weather Online Info will help you know more about it in greater depth rain, sun, wind, clouds, air pressure and forecasts it’s all included on this site.

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Autoresponders Guide

Autoresponders Guide screenshot

Autoresponders are an E-mail feature which will automatically respond to E-mails from your customers. And this feature can be used to drive business your way with little effort, generate traffic, leads and sales by setting up the right Autoresponder and watch your online business flourish.

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Control Your Cholesterol

Control Your Cholesterol screenshot

Everyone should know about the dangers of too much and the wrong type of cholesterol in your system. Find out the details about what exactly cholesterol is, how you can test your levels and how you can go about controlling it in your daily life.

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Home Gyms Guide

Home Gyms Guide screenshot

How popular is fitness these days but why pay a fortune to join a club when you can train at home. Home Gyms Guide gives you details on which type of equipment to choose and how to use it to train the best way for you.

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Online Cat Guide

Online Cat Guide screenshot

Everyone should have a pet at some time and the Online Cat Guide can help if a cat is your choice. Helping with the various types of cats along with tips on keeping them fit and healthy and happy in your environment.

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Staying Organized

Staying Organized screenshot

How better you your working day be if it was well organized, you get more done with less hassle and probably less effort leaving more time to enjoy your life. Staying Organized can help you manage you lifestyle and working practices to streamline your day and life.

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The Web Hosting Guide

The Web Hosting Guide screenshot

What’s the point of having a great looking website that everyone likes if users can’t get to it because your hosting is useless. If your site is down you could be losing a load of business not only then but with repea customers who won’t come back when your site is up. The Hosting Guide will help you run through the various options of web site hosting.

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Ultimate Tea Guide

Ultimate Tea Guide screenshot

Drank round the world, is there anything nicer than a good cup of tea ? The Ultimate Tea Guide will run you through the thousands of types of tea, from how it is grown to how you should use it to get the best tea drinks.

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Universal Studio Tours

Universal Studio Tours screenshot

Want to see where the big Hollywood blockbusters and TV shows are made then Universal Studio Tours is your ideal vacation spot. This site will help you plan that vacation, with what’s the best things to see, when’s the best time to visit, where to stay and what to expect.

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Aspen Nightlife Info

Aspen Nightlife Info screenshot

Skiing, festivals, clubs, art, opera and much much more Aspen has it all going on and if you’re headed to Rockies hot spot then check this site out to get the best info on what to do to enjoy your Aspen Nightlife.

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