A1 Easy Web Sites

Need a website quick and cheap then templates are the way to go and A1 Easy Web Sites offers hundreds of templates in all styles for personal or business use for a price you can’t beat. Along with HTML and Flash sites are logo templates for you to make your brand name stick out.

A1 Easy Web Sites screenshot

The site is coded in html5 and laid out/styled with css3 in a three column plus header & footer design. The site uses the new standards or markup with techniques used to make sure things like round corners and gradient backgrounds work in all browsers including old versions of Internet Explorer.

php is used when the viewer chooses which currency to view the prices in – US $ – Euro € – CAN $ – GBP £ – JPY ¥ – AUS $ – and to check if they are able to view adult website templates.

Newly redesigned in 2011, the first version was originally from 2003 (screenshot of the original is bottom of the three screenshots below), the sites was updated a couple of years back design wise (below right of the three screenshots) as well as code wise, such as the links were changed to a more search engine friendly format using .htaccess and mod_rewite. It was again redesigned in 2099 (top left of the three screenshots below).

URI (opens in new window) – http://www.a1easywebsites.com

  • Features
  • Valid html5
  • Valid css3 layout
  • php Scripts
  • Javascript
  • Advertising banner rotation
  • Contextual advertising handled Google Adsense
  • A1 Easy Web Sites screenshot version 3

  • A1 Easy Web Sites screenshot version 2

  • A1 Easy Web Sites original version screenshot