Even when the two strikers actually manage…

...to score, Spurs still can't win. With one eye on Wednesday's Champions League game against Milan, Spurs dropped more league points in the chase for Wednesday games next season. ...read this Blog post →

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Couldn't hit a donkey's arse with…

...a banjo. Yet again when a good result would have moved Spurs up to third in the Premier League they're beaten while squandering numerous chances. ...read this Blog post →

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Totally redesigned and recoded from the extremely basic v1.0 with new additions such as the ubiquitous blog. The various sections of the site, outlined below, can be reached with the navigation menu above, sub-sections from menus that will be in the right hand column. The site has been coded with the latest browsers in mind. […] ...read this Blog post →

Season back on…

...now? After the humiliation of the Cup capitulation to Fulham, Spurs have turned it around with three gritty league wins and now the best of the lot a battling Champions League victory away to AC Milan. ...read this Blog post →

The luck starts here, well there…

...in Blackburn of all places. Spurs picked up a vital 3 points with an away win at Blackburn with a depleted squad thanks to an early Crouch goal and some Gomes heroics. ...read this Blog post →

The baby blues…

...again. Spurs' humiliating four nil defeat to Fulham in the fourth round of the FA Cup should be the last we see of that horrible light blue away kit that results in Spurs playing like they don't care. ...read this Blog post →

Tweets of a Toxic mind for 2011-01-23

How long before that clock ticks over from £900 billion to £1,000 billion – http://bit.ly/82oGcS – ie a trillion quid of debt. # Darren Bent, he's another one who should be sponsored by confused.com # @Spooky23 He only wants to join a team with plenty of Spanish speakers apparently. # @rutty_uk I had to really […] ...read this Blog post →

The headlines said it all about Spurs versus…

...ManUre All the ones I've seen anyway. They're all along the same line as 'ManUre frustrated Spurs to hang on for the draw'. Their goalkeeper was happy with the point as he time wasted from early on. ...read this Blog post →

Tweets of a Toxic mind for 2011-01-16

@osc_pro Maybes aye, maybes naw # @osc_pro @thefunkhouse and sign all those players that make up the crap squad, oh and take Torres off when you were one down oh and… # @osc_pro @thefunkhouse Won the CL with Houlilier's players and sold 'em on for Lucas & Bable & Ngog # @osc_pro @thefunkhouse More fluky […] ...read this Blog post →

Ah the romance is back in football…

... isn't that what ITV kept telling you? Nobody mentioned it at The Lane as Spurs beat Charlton with reasonable ease after the half-time introduction of Luka Modric which everyone had to suffer listening to on the radio. ...read this Blog post →

Tweets of a Toxic mind for 2011-01-09

Coldest day of the year. # Good start to the year db backup plugin doesn't work, db too big, and site's overloading the server so buggering everything up. What joy. # One Dutchman in the squad works, more than one Dutchman in the squad and you're asking for trouble. #COYS #THFC # @samhs http://www.spurscommunity.co.u…..hp?t=68772 sure […] ...read this Blog post →