Can Roy dampen expectation any…

...more? From the squad he chose to the first starting lineup he put out to the formation they lined up in to the changes he made and the performance they put on in beating Norway one nil he's doing his best to shout 'this is all I've got'. this Blog post →

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Only thing worse than England…

...last night. Was ITV telling us how good England were. Unsurprisingly England were crap in the first game of a tournament, unsurprisingly Lampard and Gerrard didn't work and unsurprisingly ITV talked them up live and and exclusive. this Blog post →

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Does anyone want to play for England… the World Cup? After the two final warm up games against Mexico and Japan that England luckily won it looked like most of the side don't want a place in the final 23 man squad. But it brought two main problems with Fabio and the way he does things. this Blog post →