The BBC revenge mission didn’t quite go… planned. In fact it probably couldn't have gone worse for them. Revenge, for that's what the Newsnight “investigation” they actually showed was. this Blog post →


Totally redesigned and recoded from the extremely basic v1.0 with new additions such as the ubiquitous blog. The various sections of the site, outlined below, can be reached with the navigation menu above, sub-sections from menus that will be in the right hand column. The site has been coded with the latest browsers in mind. […] this Blog post →

Where have I seen Nick Clegg…

...before? Through all those smug pictures of Posh Boy Nick Clegg at his Posh Boy school and then those smug pics of him after the leadership debates he's reminded me of someone but only facially. this Blog post →

Things can only get better goes full… As a trio of the smarmiest, most patronising, bumbling excuses for politicians get caught up in another scandal it resembles the fag end of the previous regime but done much bigger and much better. this Blog post →

It happened this week…

This week in music history - February 18th to February 24th - with who was born and who died. this Blog post →

Does it make him any more of a scumbag…

...than he was before? So John Terry was shagging the mother of Wayne Bridge's kid behind his good mate's back, does that make him less of a role model than everything other scumming thing the England captain has got up to? this Blog post →