Roy Hodgson is the new Keggy Keegle…

...the irony. A.K.A. Defenders? We don't need no stinkin' defenders... Roy Hodgson makes a mess of the England squad and their tactics in the last warm up game before Euro 2016 against Portugal. this Blog post →

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England needed taken down a peg…

...or two. The build up to England's first pre-Euro warm up was basically “we're not going overboard this time round with our optimism but we're going to win it aren't we?”, Turkey might have helped with that. this Blog post →

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Third time…

...deserved. Spurs played Leicester for the third time in a week and a half in their third round F.A. Cup replay and they finally got the win their play deserved over the previous games. this Blog post →

Should just cut & paste the last two games for England’s… warm up game. England's final warm up match before they headed to Brazil was an amalgamation of the previous two outings the bad from the first and good from the second in a game of three halves. this Blog post →

A football rant to end all… rants. A QPR fan has reached his limit with the so called beautiful game and it's better to let it all out rather than bottle it up after all. this Blog post →

And the cretinous oaf to replace the clown… the McClown. Another great example of reading just what the public want the B.B.C. have employed Steve McClaren at the cost of five grand to commentate on the tournament he failed to get to. this Blog post →