The Tour of Britain is meaning something… Last year a victory saw Jonathan Tiernan-Locke get a big move to Sky this year it saw Sir Bradley Wiggins put a little gloss on what has been an otherwise “after the lord mayor's show” season. this Blog post →

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It’s not ageism that’s seen the BBC bin Hugh Porter…'s finally some good sense from the corporation. The corporation should have been more honest about Hugh Porter's absence from the Track Cycling World Championships but would he'd have found that much harder to stomach the truth. this Blog post →

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It was a grand Tour of…

...Britain. A crowning week of glory for British cycling as the crowds massed to see current top names in the game along with names of the future. this Blog post →

Poor old Des Lynam, it was about the only thing…

...he got right in the column. Don't know how long Des Lynam's column about the BBC broadcasting of the Olympics was but in classic Twitter mob style they picked out about the only sentence in the whole piece that was accurate. this Blog post →

How the BBC managed to make Cav’s disappointment…

...even worse to watch. It was excruciating watching Great Britain - no Team GB here - being thwarted by their own success in the men's road race on the first full day of the Olympics. Not just because Mark Cavendish didn't have a chance to win. this Blog post →