Timmy’s luck continues with some

...baffling good management. Timmy's had a lucky run of fixtures since back stabbing his way into the job, this certainly didn't change with an 4-0 away thrashing of Newcastle. But Timmy changed things and for the better. ...read this Blog post →

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Oh, lucky Tim, how AVB…

...must envy him. Tim Sherwood's spawny travels through football management continue, in this latest episode his side are again atrocious but again pick up three points against Everton. ...read this Blog post →

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David Moyes would love to be in this…

...crisis. Two come from behind victories, three points off second spot and a side that's still neither settled or gelling but chock full of exciting talent, the current ManUre manager - for how long? - would give plenty of body parts for that crisis. ...read this Blog post →

Well if that wasn’t guaranteed to happen…

...then what is. As I tweeted yesterday afternoon sometime shortly before the final whistle “It wouldn't be Spurs without days like this”. ...read this Blog post →