The League Cup final shows why pundits are…

...dead. How many ex-professional players who are now media pundits confidently stated the League Cup final would be between Chelsea and Villa? How many are ever right and why do we really need them? this Blog post →

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When Alan Shearer said “did” instead of “done”…

…I though England would nick it. I never thought they would outplay Italy, I never thought they’d pass it about like they knew what they were doing, I never thought they’d look like a proper football team but I thought with the luck they had previously and if Shearer can actually figure out that it’s […] this Blog post →

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Newcastle the gift that keeps on… And the latest episode in this desperate club's history is just another moment to give us glee as they replace statistically their most successful manager i history with their long time target Alan Pardew. this Blog post →

Did I write this…

...or have they been bugging me? A newspaper review of the World Cup TV coverage so far pretty much echoed everything I'd been saying, especially about the odious performance of the main ITV trio of commentators. this Blog post →

A football rant to end all… rants. A QPR fan has reached his limit with the so called beautiful game and it's better to let it all out rather than bottle it up after all. this Blog post →