Enter Sandman…

…exit batter…

Great night for Mo, 500th save and his first RBI

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If I was to get a number on a Yankees shirt it would be #42. Yes Jeter is the face of the team, A-Rod is going to break more batting records and I might have shown my age but no I wouldn’t pick 2 or 13 or even 23, it’s Mo all the way.

He class on and off the field.

A few years ago, he [Mariano Rivera] blew a save and was not around after the game to talk to the writers. It turned out he had left the clubhouse quickly because one of the his children was sick. The next day, he apologized and said he would be willing to answer any questions about the blown save. It’s easy to be gracious in victory but the true measure of a man is how he handles defeat and Mo always is there, win or lose.Peter Abraham

And one thing about the way he handles defeat, blown games, is it’s over then and there, next game is the only game he’s thinking about, it’s what makes him the greatest.

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