Disappointed interweb searcher…

…of the week.

First prize has to go to the poor soul who typed the phrase “pictures of peoples dicks sticking up” in Google and then hit the search button.

Somehow I don’t think they were quite ready for what Google handed them with the first result of the search.

A blog post about the band Bad News with nary an dick up or indeed down in sight, neither male or female as the searcher was looking for “peoples dicks” :???:

Ahh Teh Interweb it promises sooo much, most of the time it delivers but sometimes it just leaves you frustrated.

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  1. LOL that search phrase is so funny. I don’t have any of those types of searches in my history… thank goodness, lol.

  2. I mean history for the website searches…. I think you got what I meant… but just wanted to re-assure lol. Sorry for the double comment….

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