R.I.P. "Fluff"…

…Freeman who has died aged 79.

On of the few decent things to come out of Australia, Alan “Fluff” Freeman was with the late Tommy Vance the only DJs on that bastion of crap pop play lists Radio 1 who played heavy rock music, with “The Rock Show”, even though he was a fan of opera and most remembered for his “greetings, pop pickers” intro, he gave the heavy rock stuff a place where it could be listened to in the mainstream media.

And who could forget his stint as God on “The Young Ones” in the episodes “Cash” and “Summer Holiday” (pictured)?

Let me introduce myself. I’m God. You really didn’t expect me to
be a woman, now, did you? – Alan “Fluff” Freeman as God.

“Not ‘arf”

B.B.C. obituary of the guy they dumped.

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  1. And on a Tuesday, too.
    I thought they were one of his favourite days in a between Monday and Wednesday kind of way.
    Or am I getting confused…?

    At least he could take the joke, turning up in one Smashie and Nicey sketch in an old folk’s home, and in The Young Ones.

    RIP Fluff.

    The Dale Winton “Pick Of The Pops” show on Radio 2 Saturdays is a travesty.
    As, indeed, is Dale.

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