T'Greatest Fast Bowler That Ever Drew Breath…

…drew his last in Skipton on Saturday.

RIP Fiery Fred, I know a bit late on this one – “I don’t know what’s going off out there” – but sad news at the passing of Yorkshire & England legend Fred Trueman on Saturday morning, in Skipton aged 75.

A true great of the game, of course I’m a bit too young to have seen him myself but at a young age surrounded by many that had at his pomp for the great Yorkshire sides of the 50s & 60s. Along with his exploits for England becoming the first bowler to take 300 wickets (at 21.57) in just 67 tests, just think how many he could have had if those soft southern pansies had played him in the other 51 tests he missed out on during his period in the England side, same shower that got rid of Larwood.

Same types that got rid of him from Test Match Special as well, while southern media types blather on about seagulls and buses, where Fred would set the world to rights as he used to do with my uncle.

At least he didn’t stay on to see England’s tame exit from the World Cup, the one day bowlers give up over 320 runs in less than 38 overs or Yorkshire’s inevitable relegation from the County Championship top division.

Video obituary

TributesParky on Trueman

“I’ll sithee”

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  1. jr's gravatar jr

    he was great

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