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Bad break for Hideki Matsui last night, ending his consecutive games playing streak at 518 in the majors & 1768 if you include is stint with the Yomiuri Giants from 1993 to 2002.

So that’s the Yanks corner fielders and two of their best hitters over the last few seasons out with wrist injuries, with Gary Sheffield out on the DL.

Sheff can’t come off it ’til May 21 and they’re saying after an op Matsui will be out for 3 months, but some suggestion it could end his season, so Melky Cabrera & Bubba Crosby will be taking the corners, nice catch robbing Mike Lowell of a two-run homer last night against the Sux, (but it was another loss against them) with Bernie having a stint here & there, though he cost the Yanks last night in right.

What are the chances Torre will turn to Bernie more and more ?

Sad for Matsui he’s a favourite of mine, just like the uncomplicated way he goes about batting – stands, raises bats, looks at it, looks at pitcher – Garciaparra he ain’t, thank christ. Only batting .261 so far this season but you knew that barring injury that would rise.

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  1. That was nice of you

  2. Maybe Godzilla (and Shef)’s absence will be a good thing… it could get the front office thinking more about developing our young talent and giving them real opportunities to prove their worth.

  3. You mean they won’t keep playing Bernie ’til they can spend a huge amount on Abreu ;)

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