When did Dennis Waterman…

…start wearing Dick Emery comedy teeth.

Caught a bit of him on the Jonathon Woss show the other night and couldn’t quite believe those new teeth, this ain’t George Carter this ain’t Terry McCann it’s more like Larry bloody Grayson.

Have to wonder if David Walliams will start to use some false teeth in the future to piss old Dennis off just a little bit more about the Little Britain sketches – “Write the feem tune, sing the feem tune” probably hard to say with those gnashers.

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  1. Bring back “On The Up” – may have been fairly mediocre, but more laughs per episode than the pisspoor Little “David Walliams grins and simpers… then simpers and grins” Britain…

    “Just the one, Mrs Wembley…?”

    Okay, just the timeless Minder then…

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