Are you one of those morons…

…who watch these “Quiz Channels” on TV ?

You’re probably the type that rings in to phone polls to register your “don’t know” vote.

Idiots watch and phone in, with probably no hope of winning, cause if they had a clue they wouldn’t be watching it in the first place and the likes of ITV think “christ this is simple, we get a couple of dolts to front it costs us next to nothing and we’ll make bundles off the phone call charges – I know why don’t we bump one of our Freeview channels and put this crap on all day”

Yes I’m ever so slightly narked at switching on Men & Motors last night for my weekly fix of the old “Auf Wiedersehen Pet” (series two – lads are just about to head to Spain) to find that in their wisdom that ITV have decided to use that Freeview slot for a crappy quiz channel.

If it wasn’t for “Auf Wiedersehen Pet”, “Homicide:Life on The Streets” (on ITV4 when they can bother) the odd Minder & Sweeny (i.e. old stuff) and the football I don’t think I’d ever watch anything run by those individuals at ITV who are helping to drag British telly down to the lowest common denominator.

There is a petition online about it

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  1. I’ve never been one for the quiz channels but “Homicide:Life on The Streets” is an amazing show!

  2. When the Yanks do TV well they do it really well with the likes of Homicide.

  3. And why would you be watching those, where if you’re going to forsake actual quality late-night TV entirely, you’d switch to the bemusingly high number of channels offering two bored pin-up girls trying to feign interest in the desperate text messages of men who really aren’t best advised actually advertising their sadness on a television channel watched by, hmm, at least three whole people at a time…
    Very odd. But thanks for reminding me: I really must steal my dad’s Auf Wiedersehen Pet videos the next time I’m home… First season is unbeatable, really, but the rest are good enough too – even the recent ones…

  4. Well two others and you by the sound of it ;)

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