Version 2.1…

…is where Toxic Web is now.

A whole 0.1 better than that Web 2.0 malarky.

What does this mean…well sod all really except a move (upgrade) to a new host. Looks like I was right about the old host doing something to stop Worpress news feed in the Dashboard as it updates correctly on all other hosts I’ve tried.

The move seems to have gone smoothly so far, kiss of death, only prob being all the pound signs (£) have been replaced with ?, along with some other symbols.

Don’t know who was stopping the blog’s pings being picked up by Technorati, resulting in them showing this place hadn’t been updated in a hell of a long time but a “small adjustment” by Technorati now means T-W is back being crawled, new posts listed and tags recognised.

Next thing is a jump to v.2.5 with a slight design change, basically a move to a little wider design with a few other things added here and there. Of course when I actually get time to do any of this :smile:

Mike’s Guitar Site has also moved – to v11.0.

Again this is just a host move, lost count of the number of hosts it’s had in the last 8/9 years but that’s one reason it’s up to v.11, don’t ask why a move results in T-W going up 0.1 but MGS 1.

This move has had a few glitches but ironing out is taking place as I type.

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  1. Hey, looks nice you old scrote. Have you gone off purple?

    Good to see some unusual colours :)

  2. Cheers, nah still like it, MGS is still that colour, not Toxic enough for here.

    Anyway how did you find this place, a certain gobby scouser ?

  3. Might have been :D
    Not sure why you’re keeping this light under such a bushell from the other DDNers, though I’ve added your “toxic web” 80×15 button thingy to my site so you’ve been linked to twice now ;)
    Did Tickle scare you off? He’s got rid of a few members, that little tinker has.

  4. How did I guess

    Well I’m not one for spam and you know I like to keep my little secrets ;)
    Nah wasn’t run out of town, just been a touch busy, before I knew it a few months had passed, will probably be back soon.

    Thanks for the link, have added a certain liker of boobies to me links page.

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