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Great win for England in India, first in 21 years, that Sir Freddie of Flintoff ain’t half got the golden touch. Now if he keeps the captaincy would that help Vaughan get back his constent form with the bat ?

Yes Ireland had a touch of luck with, well nearly all the tries they scored. What exactly is a touch judge doing if he’s not watching the touch line ? But why can’t England players actually hold onto the ball ?

Robinson looked lost again, oh god how enjoyed having “excuses” this time – but things so bad that calls for Woodward to come back are rather funny. Bet Hodgson gets straight back in even though man-of-the-match Goode looked far better that the Charlie has.

Then Spurs down to 5th for a little while, thanks to Charlton rolling over for the ARSE – Curbishley looks bermused says it always happens there’s nothing could be done and people still want him as England boss :roll: – then back up to 4th. Looks like Defoe is going to fight for his World Cup spot. Or maybe just his Spurs place after Djibril Cisse’s agent has been touting for a move to the Lane, just what they need the French Andy Cole for £8m :roll:

And as the F.A. think about Curbs or “Big” Sam they let Hiddink slip through their fingers, time to call on Peter Taylor now Barwick.

And after Japan beat Cuba in the first World Baseball Classic, there ain’t long ’til the season gets up and going, Yanks at Oakland on April 3rd. I’ll have to check if Five are going to bother showing it this year.

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  1. Well according to 3,079 Miles to Fenway, 3,448 miles to Yankee Stadium five has the rights to all the nationally shown ESPN games, so UK baseball fans may get even 3 games a week.

    Of course as many point out this is reliant on them having a triathlon or some other crap to show.

  2. Capello enters the fray – yes please, now we might be talking…

  3. Just get the feeling the F.A. are being seen to go through the options before picking the guy they had in mind months ago.

  4. Hmmm after Tuesday one now wonders about Fab

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