One in…

…one out.

Well the Yanks have finally signed someone Farnsworth from the Braves, in a 3 year $17m deal. A day after Tom Gordon signed for the Phillies for $1m more for 3 years.

Farnsowrth chose to be a setup man for Mariano Rivera than be the closer for the Braves or the Texas Rangers, after a personal phone call from Yanks manager Joe Torre.

We’ll have to see which Farsnworth will turn up in pinstripes, but with the prices for relievers being sky high this offseason (B.J. Ryan – $47 million, five-year contract with Toronto and Billy Wagner – $43 million, four-year offer from the New York Mets) it can’t be seen as that big a gamble.

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  1. And I see John Olerud has retired even though he was only with the Yanks for part of ’04 then join the Sox for last season he was a guy I liked in pinstripes.

    Think it was his 2 RBI hit in his first at bat for the Yanks against the A’s that cemented it.

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